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Vacuum Chambers
E-GUN ESQ110/113 Spares
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We provide a helium leak detection service
We supply and repair high voltage power supplies
Integration Services - We can integrate deposition process and vacuum pumping controls.
We offer a wide selection of high quality bespoke certified training packages specifically designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries. Training can be presented on a customer‘s site worldwide or at our specialist training facility.
Each training programme is specifically designed for our customer's needs and we take into account all levels of experience and expertise.
Please phone or email us for an updated training course list.
We can also provide onsite scheduled servicing and technical support for high vacuum coating plants and control systems. This includes preventative maintenance and servicing contracts.

In addition to supplying & installing production machines, Highland Scientific collaborates with customers who are new to thin film deposition. Among the services we offer is the setup & operation of a “factory within a factory” whereby we operate the machine on the customer’s behalf during their pre-production phase.
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Highland Scientific offers a wide selection of services to the high vacuum industry. We are available to supply an emergency call out repairs service with a standard response time of less than 24 hours.
Our service and support structure includes a large inventory of available spare parts for all our customers
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